SimSynth Secrets

Written on March 28, 2012   By   in Tips

For a long time I believed in the samples folder SimSynth one-shot samples, but then accidentally found that it is synthesized pieces of melodies, as in eJay-e. And about that many users FruityLoops not know, so I decided to write, how to use them.

в–Є In the browser, open the folder Channel Presets / Sampler and drag the sample “Default” in the Step Sequencer.

в–Є In the Piano Roll made a long strip (sorry, music. Education is not, I explain as best I can) the length of the whole bit at the level of C5.

в–Є Select liked sample (for example “A1 Acid Glis”) and right-click (rather than dragging and dropping!) Place the sample in place “Default”.

в–Є Check this result.

What is important is to know:

• First, the synthesized melodies are only in folders Extra (and 2.7 in the bargain), Instruments 2 and Riffs, and not all of them there are, there is a one-shot-s. Maybe they are somewhere else, I searched but could not find, can you find …

• Secondly, if the melody suddenly stopped playing and became a one-shot samples, then right-click on it skinte sample “Default” and then by the same method – sample itself (something I namudril, but this is all done and we must Believe my experience).

• Third, all samples are automatically tuned to the pace at which they were downloaded, and with the same tonality as playing at 90, and 180 BPM. But if you suddenly decided to change the tempo of the mix after loading SimSynth, then the sample rate will remain unchanged. It is necessary to reload, and delete a channel nafig, and repeat the whole procedure (otherwise will not work).

• All samples have length 1, 2 (they are the majority) and 4 bits. Well, as long patterns of contact, I think, you know.

• If you want to change the sample rate (well, I do not know why, suddenly itch), then it can be done in the Piano Roll. The shift of the band up a step increases the rate of 10 BPM, down – decreases by as much.

• If you want to change the tone – you interfere in setting the sample and on the Misc tab just above the “piano” will see three buttons. So, Sampler – changes the pace, but for some reason, on the contrary – the shift to the note C6 – slows to P4 – accelerates. SimSynth – changes the tone, shift to the right – it is above the left – below.

“Default” – clears all that you bungle in the notes to the original. Just remember that the middle note is C5 is not always …

Well, in principle, and all – you will be sufficient.

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