Monster Headphone is Taking You Come Into the Music World

Written on March 5, 2012   By   in News

Do you like music?

Would you like to indulge in the world of music? If you like, Let us join the world of Monster Headphone Headset.

Monster Headphone is also known as Monster, wire (Monster Cable) is the world’s first developed high-energy audio-visual equipment to connect the brand, the company was founded in 1979 by a Chinese-American Lee St. (Mr.Noel Lee) Mr. Before this, audio equipment despite the emergence of high fidelity sound quality is quite good for free vst plugins, Hi-end level of the amplifier and music reduction quite perfect hi-fi speaker, but people on this equipment connection line knew nothing, just use ordinary wire to transmit high-fidelity signal.

The 2012 slayer sound of its own products, the Monster Headphone with Beats By Dr.Dre brand cooperation, co-branded products Monster Headphone Beats series headphones. The most fashionable trend. ” The color is bold, avant-garde design, and Chief of the big singers full endorsement, so that it is favored by the young consumer groups. It has Unique tone sound and coloration, making the base for its tone; so you are keen on high-fidelity hifi enthusiasts may be disappointed. the Monster Headphone had grown and diversified to become the world’s resolve high-performance audio, video, car audio, computers, and play stations and computer games leading connectivity manufacturer as well as an iPod ?;

Quality of the door
Some time ago, Monster Headphone is recording engineer, Solo and other headsets deep “quality gates”, due to the failure of the material led to the headphones first beam prone to fracture. This incident to cast a shadow over the Monster Headphone reputation. Although the “quality” has gradually in the past, but the quality problems exist in the minds of consumers time, which everyone is not sure, HTC will not, therefore, be implicated? Extreme caution should be more careful in future products.

Hi-Fi separated by a wall
In addition, the Monster Headphone has been the main young trend licensing, but the in fundamentally sound quality but contrary to the traditional high-fidelity (Hi-Fi). Hi-Fi in the major forum for the Monster Headphone sound quality criticism has never stopped. Boom head low frequency may be able to satisfy the Hip-Hop listener’s heart, but lost the “Hi-Fi” the real core – high-fidelity restore. Beats Electronics How to get rid of the debate to “sound quality” like B & O, Bose and car manufacturers that won the hearts.

Do you like it, the Monster Headphone is high quality, and taking you into the world of music, and go to enjoy the beauty of the music.

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