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Tips To Find The Right Drum Set

Considered as the heart of the band, the drums are indeed one of the coolest instruments there is. Buying a drum set can be a lot of fun. However, it can also be a bit overwhelming especially with the fact that there are so many different kinds of drum sets available today along with the countless accessories that you can purchase along with it.

Finding the right drums aren’t your only concern, but you also need to consider the cymbals, the bass drum pedals, the cymbal stands and the drum seat. This is why you need to know what you are looking for in a drum set in order for you to really get the perfect drum set that you can play music with.

Before you purchase a drum set, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself.

First, who will be using the drum set?

If you are going to buy a drum set for a beginner drummer, it is highly recommended that you get a 5 piece drum set. The 5 piece drum set will be composed of the snare, bass drum, two mounted toms, and a floor tom. Along with the drums, this set will also have the cymbals, pedal, and other hardware.

There are several companies that manufacture inexpensive but good quality beginner drum sets or starter sets. You might want to keep your eye on the brands. And, when it comes to brands, you should go for Percussion Plus, Pearl, Ludwig, Pulse, Yamaha, and Tama just to name a few good drum manufacturers.

The cymbals and hardware often come with the starter sets. But, they are not really of good quality. However, if you get a good quality set with good quality cymbals, you can always upgrade later on with the cymbals along with the other hardware that was included in the starter set.

If you are already an experienced drummer, you may want to consider upgrading your cymbals and hardware. Go for the ones that professionals use. Or, if you already have the cymbals and hardware you want, you can always buy a shell pack.

You also need to ask yourself about the kind of music you play.

Depending on the type of music you play, you will see that there is a right drum set for it. If you play jazz or traditional blues, it is highly recommended that you go for a drum set that has fewer and smaller drums. For rock music and other types of amplified music, larger drums are better.

Lastly, you have to ask yourself how much you’re willing to spend on a drum kit.

For beginners, you can always go for a set that costs around 400 to 1,000 dollars. But, if you are serious about drumming and you are already an experienced drummer that wants only the best quality, then you may want to spend a little more money for the drums you plan on buying.

These are the things that you have to remember if you are planning to buy drums. By asking yourself these questions, you will able to get an idea of what kind of drum set you want and what kind is perfect for you.…

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7 Tips To Master Playing The Drum

If you want to learn how to play the drums, you need to have a good reason why you want to. You have to know what motivates you to get drum lessons. You also have to find it very interesting to join drum lesson classes.

If you always dreamed of playing this instrument but you never got the chance to do so when you were younger, then you will see that drum lessons are for everybody who is willing to learn.

Whatever your reasons are for learning how to play the drums, you have to remember that you alone can identify to your goals and you alone have the power to achieve those goals you set. So, here are some tips that will help you master the art of playing the drums. By following these tips, you can be sure that you will be able to keep your enthusiasm alive and more importantly, have fun learning to play this cool instrument.

Obviously, the first step is to get started with this one of a kind hobby. Search for reliable music schools around your area or you can also find a professional who will be able to give you private lessons. Or, you can also enroll in qualified online websites that offer drum lessons. Whichever you choose, make sure that you choose one that works for you and one that you are comfortable with.

The next step is to identify what you need. Visit your nearest music store and look around for a drum kit. Get a professional drummer to advice you on what kind of drum set you need. You also need to get advice on the type of drum sticks you need as a beginner drummer. By knowing about what is required of you, you will then be able to find it easy to get the things you need to start playing the drums.

You also have to keep in mind that learning how to play the drums is not just about dexterity and the coordination of your hand and feet movements but it is also about using your listening skills.

You also have to remember that learning how to play the drums takes time and patience. You need to go through the process. Besides, you can’t expect to play the drums just like Lars Ulrich of Metallica or Travis Barker of Blink 182 after just one or two lessons. It takes years of hard work in order for you to play like these guys and really rock hard.

You need to study and review the lessons that have been given to you. By exercising the lessons you learned, you will eventually master it and keep your skills fresh.

The sixth tip that you should remember is to practice. You may know about theories but if you don’t apply it, nothing will happen to your drumming.

Lastly, stay motivated. This may be the simplest to do but it’s actually the hardest thing to maintain. Some people give up after a few lessons because they simply can’t play the drums like they wanted to in the beginning.

By keeping these things in mind, you will be able to master the art of playing drums. With these 7 tips, you will be well on your way to becoming a great drummer.…

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How To Perfectly Practice The Piano

Playing the piano requires long hours of practicing especially when a big musical event is coming. With all the factors that are needed to play the piano, one very basic yet important thing will be discussed in this article.

One factor that some professionals dare not forget… practice. Even if you know all the fingerings and notes, even if you can read the music well, it won’t mean a thing. Practice is the essence of it all. You have to be committed in your genre, therefore, practicing it every day; if not everyday then at least thrice a week.

If you’re having difficulty training yourself with your practice hours, try with online classes.

Note # 1

Make a daily schedule for practice and comply with it. Be determined to stick to your schedule. It is a must to condition yourself into practicing everyday so that your body will get used to the routine. At first, it could be tedious and boring but as you go on learning the essentials, it becomes more fun hearing the way you play.

Note # 2

Your piano must be put in a place that you won’t feel cluttered. Your music room must be free from anything that might distract you like a radio or anything noisy. This enables you to concentrate when practicing. Also, make sure that there is proper lighting where your piano is placed. But remember that your piano must not be exposed to extreme sunlight for this might destroy some sensitive parts of your piano.

Note # 3

Always warm up. Use mp3 to midi converter for music sheets. Exercise your fingers with some simple notes then proceed to the hard ones. If you have no idea on how to warm up those fingers, ask someone who knows. An exercise must let your fingers stretch to reach some keys that are hard to reach. This will become helpful when playing fast paced notes and music. Don’t let your hands touch a key while it still feels stiff and rusty.

Note # 4

Review the past lessons learned before starting a lesson. This would be the next thing after warming up. If you have not finished the music yesterday, recall what you played then continue it. Better yet, start the whole thing to be able to follow.

Note # 5

Follow your manual and instructor’s directions. Help her help you learn. To relieve boredom, play the piano at the same time, like a duet. Tell your instructor your interests and ask her to play it for you so you might know it and therefore pave the way into practicing it even without her presence.

Note # 6

Make your practice as goal-oriented as possible. A goal will make you more focused and concentrated because you have something to be achieved. To finish a goal will make you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Note # 7

Always maintain a positive attitude when practicing. When you plan to play the piano without anyone to guide you, just remember all the lessons that your tutor has taught you. Do not give up that easily when it has become hard. If you are being stressed, rest for a while. Give yourself time to breathe.

Try to figure out a technique with every practice for it to come out natural and unique in your own way.…

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SimSynth Secrets

For a long time I believed in the samples folder SimSynth one-shot samples, but then accidentally found that it is synthesized pieces of melodies, as in eJay-e. And about that many users FruityLoops not know, so I decided to write, how to use them.

в–Є In the browser, open the folder Channel Presets / Sampler and drag the sample “Default” in the Step Sequencer.

в–Є In the Piano Roll made a long strip (sorry, music. Education is not, I explain as best I can) the length of the whole bit at the level of C5.

в–Є Select liked sample (for example “A1 Acid Glis”) and right-click (rather than dragging and dropping!) Place the sample in place “Default”.

в–Є Check this result.

What is important is to know:

• First, the synthesized melodies are only in folders Extra (and 2.7 in the bargain), Instruments 2 and Riffs, and not all of them there are, there is a one-shot-s. Maybe they are somewhere else, I searched but could not find, can you find …

• Secondly, if the melody suddenly stopped playing and became a one-shot samples, then right-click on it skinte sample “Default” and then by the same method – sample itself (something I namudril, but this is all done and we must Believe my experience).

• Third, all samples are automatically tuned to the pace at which they were downloaded, and with the same tonality as playing at 90, and 180 BPM. But if you suddenly decided to change the tempo of the mix after loading SimSynth, then the sample rate will remain unchanged. It is necessary to reload, and delete a channel nafig, and repeat the whole procedure (otherwise will not work).

• All samples have length 1, 2 (they are the majority) and 4 bits. Well, as long patterns of contact, I think, you know.

• If you want to change the sample rate (well, I do not know why, suddenly itch), then it can be done in the Piano Roll. The shift of the band up a step increases the rate of 10 BPM, down – decreases by as much.

• If you want to change the tone – you interfere in setting the sample and on the Misc tab just above the “piano” will see three buttons. So, Sampler – changes the pace, but for some reason, on the contrary – the shift to the note C6 – slows to P4 – accelerates. SimSynth – changes the tone, shift to the right – it is above the left – below.

“Default” – clears all that you bungle in the notes to the original. Just remember that the middle note is C5 is not always …

Well, in principle, and all – you will be sufficient.…

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Monster Headphone is Taking You Come Into the Music World

Do you like music?

Would you like to indulge in the world of music? If you like, Let us join the world of Monster Headphone Headset.

Monster Headphone is also known as Monster, wire (Monster Cable) is the world’s first developed high-energy audio-visual equipment to connect the brand, the company was founded in 1979 by a Chinese-American Lee St. (Mr.Noel Lee) Mr. Before this, audio equipment despite the emergence of high fidelity sound quality is quite good for free vst plugins, Hi-end level of the amplifier and music reduction quite perfect hi-fi speaker, but people on this equipment connection line knew nothing, just use ordinary wire to transmit high-fidelity signal.

The 2012 slayer sound of its own products, the Monster Headphone with Beats By Dr.Dre brand cooperation, co-branded products Monster Headphone Beats series headphones. The most fashionable trend. ” The color is bold, avant-garde design, and Chief of the big singers full endorsement, so that it is favored by the young consumer groups. It has Unique tone sound and coloration, making the base for its tone; so you are keen on high-fidelity hifi enthusiasts may be disappointed. the Monster Headphone had grown and diversified to become the world’s resolve high-performance audio, video, car audio, computers, and play stations and computer games leading connectivity manufacturer as well as an iPod ?;

Quality of the door
Some time ago, Monster Headphone is recording engineer, Solo and other headsets deep “quality gates”, due to the failure of the material led to the headphones first beam prone to fracture. This incident to cast a shadow over the Monster Headphone reputation. Although the “quality” has gradually in the past, but the quality problems exist in the minds of consumers time, which everyone is not sure, HTC will not, therefore, be implicated? Extreme caution should be more careful in future products.

Hi-Fi separated by a wall
In addition, the Monster Headphone has been the main young trend licensing, but the in fundamentally sound quality but contrary to the traditional high-fidelity (Hi-Fi). Hi-Fi in the major forum for the Monster Headphone sound quality criticism has never stopped. Boom head low frequency may be able to satisfy the Hip-Hop listener’s heart, but lost the “Hi-Fi” the real core – high-fidelity restore. Beats Electronics How to get rid of the debate to “sound quality” like B & O, Bose and car manufacturers that won the hearts.

Do you like it, the Monster Headphone is high quality, and taking you into the world of music, and go to enjoy the beauty of the music.…

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