Perfect Computer Keyboard Beat Maker

Professional beat makers pour out reggae, rap, dance, and hip hop tracks that hypnotize; and they come from your head, not the rockingist DJ at the hottest club that you can get into. Beat making software like Dub Turbobrings you the ability to bring an actual physical track into being; if you’ve ever thought that you could maybe rock as a beat maker, you so need to discover what you are made of. For you.

Here we take a look at the keyboard beat maker. Because you do not need an expensive MIDI controller to make professional quality beats. Seriously.

Flatten out that learning curve

Learning to use a new tool of any kind means a learning curve, be it steep like Mount Everest or more of a gradual slope. Using a tool that you use everyday – your PC keyboard – with your beat making software lets you make the unfamiliar familiar in a shorter time. Oh, and your mouse is included in this feature; just for those among you who need to click.

Sounds, sounds, and then some more sounds

Bells. Drum samples. Quirks. Stabs. Hip hop hits. Bass. Saxes. You get all of these sounds on your keyboard with Dub Turbo software. And, yes, just in case there is any confusion, we mean your actual keyboard, the one you use to update your Facebook status. Or to write lyrics. A keyboard that shrinks the number of sounds that you can use to bring your creative vision to life is, well, not a real option for the passionate layer of tracks.

Use your own sounds

Are you an inventor of sounds? A recorder of subway announcements? Or a researcher of a ninja-like skill level who has built up a formidable library of sounds and tracks? Fear not. You can easily import your sounds so that you can play them on your keyboard, in precisely the same way that you can with those embedded in the program.

Save some loot

The MIDI controller can run into some serious cash; if you do a quick search on your goto search engine, you will see that you’d pay hundreds of dollars for the pleasure of composing on said item. Converting your PC or Mac keyboard so that it can work as a controller makes some very good economic sense.

Hey, what about the Akai MPC?

All producers embraced the original Akai MPC as the first affordable tool for making your own music. The Akai MPC sampler is a worthy tool; there is no doubt. But whether it is worth the significant investment is a question worth asking, especially for the newbie. Just make a quick research and you will see that a used Akai MPC Sampler on Amazon or eBay goes for a few hundred dollars.


So, if you are into the idea of using the keyboard you are already used to – and own –to make your music, have a look at Dub Turbo. Odds are you will like what you see.…