Psst!….Want to know what is the best beat making software?

Are you a beginner or advanced beat maker? A producer of sizable passion? If so, we know that a shiver of  delicious delight flows down your spine when you find a beat maker software that blows your mind. And this article has done some righteous research on just what the best beat making software is. We have a list of three beat makers that we believe you should consider in your quest for the best. Without further ado…

  1. Dub Turbo (Official website)

Shining brightly at the top of our list of three is Dub Turbo. Why? The designers of Dub Turbo were committed to creating a beat-making software that responds to its users intuition; and they were successful. Who wants to be constantly referring to a user’s manual when you could just let the software lead the way? Only the manual-obsessed among us, and they are, we think, rare beings. But it is the sound that we always come back to, and if you make the awesome demo tracks at, you will hear what we heard. And finally this is the only one beat maker that will allow you to use your own keyboard (you type on) as a drum machine or synthesizer/sampler keyboard.


We did find composers who rate Dub Turbo as an awesome value but contend that, for those among you with unlimited funds, that with higher prices – significantly higher – comes higher quality.

  1. Dr. Drum (Official website)

Screeching to the number two spot on our illustrious list is Dr.Drum. Like Dub Turbo, Dr. Drum is easy to use; no music production degree required. And this is an alluring thing, especially for the newbie who has tracks laid out in her imagination but has never physically laid down a track. The price is right and fair for a beginning beat-making software; and the sound is definitely there.


Our research on related forums unearthed a few users who experienced problems downloading files to their PCs, though these issues seemed to be resolved by following assorted advice.

  1. Sonic Producer (Official website)

Sonic Producer rounds our list of 3. This online beatmaker offering flexible functionality, letting you use the file format that you are in love with, and not having to settle for the best of a weak list. If customer support is your thing, Sonic Producer gives it to you – 24/7. Sonic Producer bills itself as an online beat-maker extraordinaire, giving its users all that downloadable software does without relying on PC or MAC. So, if you feel jittery about looming computer crashes, this online option may ring your bell.


Some users report playback jitters when first listening to their composed music, though the consensus seems to be that the quality of sound matches the investment made. Fair enough.

If you have a Hip-Hop track bouncing about your brain, the only way to free it, to stop the ricocheting in your grey matter, is to set that track free. Hey, we’ve done our part: you have three beat makers to investigate. Now, you can do your part and discover which beat maker will rock your world – and to lay down that track before it gets too distracting.…