Why DubTurbo

Discover How to Make PHAT Rap Beats Using Your PC/MAC Without Having to Spend Thousands Dollars on Expensive Studio Equipment, Software, and Education!

  • Wanna became a professional beat maker?
  • Wanna make rap beats using your computer?
  • Wanna start to make money by selling your beats?
  • Or do you need slammin’ beats for you or your band?

And there ya have it!

I’m going to show you how to start making your own professional quality beats in 15 minutes after reading this page and with absolutely no experience. Wanna know how? With the ultimate beat maker software called DUBturbo.

So What is DUBturbo?

DUBturbo is the ultimate all-in-one beat-making software with a handy and intuitive interface packed with thousands of high quality mastered sounds which allows you to make professional beats and tracks on the fly.  Sounds which comes with DUBturbo covers all popular genres such as R&B, Rap, Hip Hop (with all subgenres), Jungle, and House. Moreover you can easily combine these genres to add to your tracks some special flavour. And, finally, DUBturbo is ideal software for beginners because it gives you an understanding of the basics of music production including the structure and arrangement of your tracks.

With DUBturbo you get:

Fully functional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for only $39.95 (original price $199.99) compatible with PC and Mac
– Ability to produce full songs
– Easily import your own samples
– Import your vocals and instruments
– Use your keyboard as piano sampler and drum machine
– Export your tracks as high quality *.wav files, which is the professional worldwide standard for audio production


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DUBturbo combines all the best features from expensive DAW’s:

– A built-in drum machine allows you make beats on the fly using your keyboard as controller: imagine using your number pad keyboard as MPC pads! Record beats with triggers or simply DRAW them. And finally you have 40+ mastered drum kits which you can change on the fly.

– 16-track sequencer with mixing panel – Draw your bars, drag, copy, and edit them easily. Record your vocals or live instruments straight into the sequencer. Easily tweak the volume of each track on your mixing panel, solo, or mute any track. Edit the tempo of your track on the fly, and a lot more.

– 4 Octave Sampling Keyboard lets you simply DRAW melodies or play and record them with your keyboard (so you don’t need to spend your money on buying MIDI controllers). Here you have a vast variety of instruments like pianos, saxes, stabs, hiphop hits, quirks, bass, bells, etc.


Many people think that music production is expensive and complex, and requires specific equipment, software, and knowledge.

But with DUBturbo you don’t need that equipment, software and specific music-production knowledge; you just need your computer and your head:

You don’t need to buy expensive equipment – DUBturbo gives you ability to use your keyboard as a MIDI controller.

You don’t need to spend your money on expensive education – DUBturbo is easy to use software.

You don’t need to spend your money on expensive DAWs – DUBturbo’s price is cheap!

You don’t need to buy additional software – DUBturbo has everything you need to start producing your own rap beats.

You don’t need to mess with tons of expensive mixing and mastering tools – DUBturbo provides professionally mastered and stereo imaged samples so you always get wide, fat, and pumping sound.

DUBturbo is a program that always grows and you can easily download additional sounds to enhance its capabilities and keep your tracks modern and fresh.…