The Best Beat Maker Software

Have you ever found yourself wanting to lay down a sick beat but didn’t have the right tool to get the job done? You will never have to be in that situation again once you pickup DubTurbo – the world’s best hip hop beat maker. It truly is the best beat maker on the market right now and can help you take your music production to the next level.

Within hours of using DubTurbo, you’ll be creating tracks that will be ready for the club, TV and radio stations. This is beat making software at its finest. Fortunately, it’s perfect for novices and professionals alike. The intuitive user interface makes using DubTurbo as easy as turning on a stereo. Just check this example and you will understand:


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DubTurbo is a beat making software that is similar to many high-end music creation programs or DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation). It is utilized within a recording studio and provides users the ability to create a variety of beats and songs. It doesn’t matter if you like rap, hip hop, house, dubstep, or whatever other genre that is popular; this beat maker software has exactly what you need to create your very own high quality tracks.

The program can be downloaded, setup, and operated in as little as 5 minutes. This means that you will be able to create your own beats and tracks almost immediately! Even raw beginners can enjoy using this beat maker. And another great thing, it comes with free video tutorials to help you along each step of the way!


What’s included with DubTurbo Beat Maker?

Most people want to know what they are buying with their money. The creators of DubTurbo want to provide their clients with as much value as possible. Here’s what you get when you buy DubTurbo:

  • DubTurbo 2.0 Software
  • 14 Premium Sample Packs
  • Movie and Mood Tracks – These tracks are royalty free which means that the user can do whatever they want with them. You can use them as a good starting point for your own tracks and beats.
  • DT & ArtOfBeats Instrumentals – These instrumentals are full of additional beats and are royalty free.
  • DubTurbo VST(i) version
  • DubTurbo Samploid – Easy-to-use sampler for pro audio experimenting and sampling.
  • DubTurbo Norbox – mastering unit which you can use as effects processor.
  • DubTurbo WubWub – dubstep “wobble” bass generator.
  • DubTurbo Preamp – Awesome distortion effect that you can use on your instruments and even vocal.
  • Accappellas Bonus – quality vocals and vocal hits
  • Training Videos
  • Access to Full Install and 24/7 Online Version

In short, you are going to receive anything and everything that you need to start making music directly from your computer. There is no need to buy extra equipment or upgraded software packages. The DubTurbo beat maker is an all-in-one software package that is jam-packed with all of the features and options that you could ever need.

How DubTurbo Beat Maker Works

So now that you know what you are getting for your money, you probably would like to know how all of those fancy features are going to help you make great music. Right?


When you buy DubTurbo, you receive access to the software via your desktop OR the Internet. This means that you don’t have to be at your home computer in order to lay down a beat when inspiration strikes. The included video tutorials will be there if you happen to get stuck on one of the more technical aspects of the beat making process.

DubTurbo 2.0 includes a 16 track DT sequencer, sampling keyboard and an internal drum machine to allow you to create fully customized beats and full music productions. The DT sequencer allows you to build, edit and visualise the structure of your track. Every bar (sample, drum or instrumental loop/stem) that you create can be copied, dragged, created, or otherwise manipulated extremely easily. You can control the volume of each of the 16 different tracks plus track tempo – BPM (beats-per-minute).

Drum Machine Panel is a perfect drum machine for making banging beats straight on your computer. A keyboard trigger is assigned to each digital drum pad, essentially turning your computer into a live drum machine. It functions exactly like a traditional drum machine – just hit a key and hear the sound. Over 40 different drum kits are included in the software and can be changed with a click of the mouse. Plus you can easily import your own sounds and drum samples. This means that you can create unlimited variations of beats to make a track that is completely unique. Each drum hit (sample) has been carefully crafted, mixed and mastered to sound big and punchy.

DubTurbo provides a 4-octave keyboard that allows you to sample any sound or instrument. There are thousands of included sounds – you get everything you need from synth and pianos, to saxes, hip hop stabs, bass, and almost any instrument you can imagine. The included sounds are professional quality and sound just like the real thing, they are already mastered and stereo imaged so you don’t need to worry about how they sound.

The program allows users to import other sound libraries directly into DubTurbo in order to expand their production possibilities exponentially. DubTurbo processes sounds extremely fast and does not cause a delay while you are laying down your track. The need for an additional keyboard in the studio is no longer needed because you can use your own traditional computer keyboard.

The final track that is created is then exported to a 44.1 stereo 16 bit WAV studio quality file. The end result of the output is a professional sounding broadcast.


 Is There Anything Wrong With This Beat Maker?

After taking a hard look at DubTurbo 2.0, it is really difficult to say anything bad about this beat making software. The most common complaint that is heard is that some people need to add extra memory to their computer in order to take full advantage this program. Most people would say that needing extra memory is a small price to pay for a fully functional studio at their fingertips. Plus, the added memory will make your computer faster. It’s a win-win!

Other people have complained about the learning curve that is necessary to be able to use this beat maker.This is exactly why the creators of DubTurbo have included a full library of free video tutorials. Any and every possible question that a user may have can be answered by watching one of the included video training guides. Of course, it takes some time to become acquainted with the amazing interface of DubTurbo, but this is part of learning any new software.

Endless Possibilities

The DubTurbo 2.0 Beat Maker software package opens up all kinds of doors for producers. Here are just some of the types of music that you can create with DubTurbo:

  • Beats
  • Instrumentals
  • Audio for Websites
  • Custom Dubs
  • Video Scores
  • Promotional Music
  • Cellphone Ringtones
  • Video Game Themes
  • And much more!

As you can see, users of this beat maker do not need to pigeon hole themselves into one style of music. This software is powerful enough to allow users to create any genre of modern music. The best part about it is that you will be able to do it from the comfort of your own home.

There are also regular competitions held by DubTurbo that pay out cash prizes to the winner.

Why You Need DubTurbo

DubTurbo is made with all of the characteristics that every good beat maker should have. Here are a few reasons why you should chose this beat making software package:

1.       Price

2.       Sound Quality

3.       Ease of Use

4.       Variety of Options

1. Price: No one wants to overpay for their beat maker. Too many hip hop beat makers on the market are not made to high enough quality standards. The problem is that the ones that are made with high-quality features will usually cost way too much money for most people. The key is to turn to a beat maker that is both affordable and moderately priced. This is why DubTurbo is in a league of its own.

2. Sound Quality: A good music producer needs a piece of software that will deliver the best sound quality possible. The beats that are made with DubTurbo can be heard in tracks all over the world. Other beat makers can simply not compete with the quality that is produced from DubTurbo at this price range.

3. Ease of Use: New users of DubTurbo shouldn’t fear a large learning curve when they use the software for the first time. Every good beat making software should be simple to use and install. The creators of DubTurbo have kept this in mind and have made a beat maker that is perfect for the novice and professional alike.

4. Variety of Options:  This hip hop beat …

Perfect Computer Keyboard Beat Maker

Professional beat makers pour out reggae, rap, dance, and hip hop tracks that hypnotize; and they come from your head, not the rockingist DJ at the hottest club that you can get into. Beat making software like Dub Turbobrings you the ability to bring an actual physical track into being; if you’ve ever thought that you could maybe rock as a beat maker, you so need to discover what you are made of. For you.

Here we take a look at the keyboard beat maker. Because you do not need an expensive MIDI controller to make professional quality beats. Seriously.

Flatten out that learning curve

Learning to use a new tool of any kind means a learning curve, be it steep like Mount Everest or more of a gradual slope. Using a tool that you use everyday – your PC keyboard – with your beat making software lets you make the unfamiliar familiar in a shorter time. Oh, and your mouse is included in this feature; just for those among you who need to click.

Sounds, sounds, and then some more sounds

Bells. Drum samples. Quirks. Stabs. Hip hop hits. Bass. Saxes. You get all of these sounds on your keyboard with Dub Turbo software. And, yes, just in case there is any confusion, we mean your actual keyboard, the one you use to update your Facebook status. Or to write lyrics. A keyboard that shrinks the number of sounds that you can use to bring your creative vision to life is, well, not a real option for the passionate layer of tracks.

Use your own sounds

Are you an inventor of sounds? A recorder of subway announcements? Or a researcher of a ninja-like skill level who has built up a formidable library of sounds and tracks? Fear not. You can easily import your sounds so that you can play them on your keyboard, in precisely the same way that you can with those embedded in the program.

Save some loot

The MIDI controller can run into some serious cash; if you do a quick search on your goto search engine, you will see that you’d pay hundreds of dollars for the pleasure of composing on said item. Converting your PC or Mac keyboard so that it can work as a controller makes some very good economic sense.

Hey, what about the Akai MPC?

All producers embraced the original Akai MPC as the first affordable tool for making your own music. The Akai MPC sampler is a worthy tool; there is no doubt. But whether it is worth the significant investment is a question worth asking, especially for the newbie. Just make a quick research and you will see that a used Akai MPC Sampler on Amazon or eBay goes for a few hundred dollars.


So, if you are into the idea of using the keyboard you are already used to – and own –to make your music, have a look at Dub Turbo. Odds are you will like what you see.…

Psst!….Want to know what is the best beat making software?

Are you a beginner or advanced beat maker? A producer of sizable passion? If so, we know that a shiver of  delicious delight flows down your spine when you find a beat maker software that blows your mind. And this article has done some righteous research on just what the best beat making software is. We have a list of three beat makers that we believe you should consider in your quest for the best. Without further ado…

  1. Dub Turbo (Official website)

Shining brightly at the top of our list of three is Dub Turbo. Why? The designers of Dub Turbo were committed to creating a beat-making software that responds to its users intuition; and they were successful. Who wants to be constantly referring to a user’s manual when you could just let the software lead the way? Only the manual-obsessed among us, and they are, we think, rare beings. But it is the sound that we always come back to, and if you make the awesome demo tracks at, you will hear what we heard. And finally this is the only one beat maker that will allow you to use your own keyboard (you type on) as a drum machine or synthesizer/sampler keyboard.


We did find composers who rate Dub Turbo as an awesome value but contend that, for those among you with unlimited funds, that with higher prices – significantly higher – comes higher quality.

  1. Dr. Drum (Official website)

Screeching to the number two spot on our illustrious list is Dr.Drum. Like Dub Turbo, Dr. Drum is easy to use; no music production degree required. And this is an alluring thing, especially for the newbie who has tracks laid out in her imagination but has never physically laid down a track. The price is right and fair for a beginning beat-making software; and the sound is definitely there.


Our research on related forums unearthed a few users who experienced problems downloading files to their PCs, though these issues seemed to be resolved by following assorted advice.

  1. Sonic Producer (Official website)

Sonic Producer rounds our list of 3. This online beatmaker offering flexible functionality, letting you use the file format that you are in love with, and not having to settle for the best of a weak list. If customer support is your thing, Sonic Producer gives it to you – 24/7. Sonic Producer bills itself as an online beat-maker extraordinaire, giving its users all that downloadable software does without relying on PC or MAC. So, if you feel jittery about looming computer crashes, this online option may ring your bell.


Some users report playback jitters when first listening to their composed music, though the consensus seems to be that the quality of sound matches the investment made. Fair enough.

If you have a Hip-Hop track bouncing about your brain, the only way to free it, to stop the ricocheting in your grey matter, is to set that track free. Hey, we’ve done our part: you have three beat makers to investigate. Now, you can do your part and discover which beat maker will rock your world – and to lay down that track before it gets too distracting.…

Sonic Producer – Online Beat Maker Review

When it comes to making beats and tracks online, Sonic Producer is the best choice today. In today’s world where ‘work hard and party harder’ is a popular mantra to ease off the strain of a hectic day, the need for online beat making software has emerged as an essential tool to help make fat beats and rap music.



Features of Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer is the easiest to learn and the most advanced beat making software available online today. The software has a number of features which make it apt for both beginners and professionals. It has user friendly interface and an easy click and drag environment which is really easy to use and understand. It has a number of revolutionary keyboard shortcuts which makes it easy to speed up the process of beat making while using this software. It also permits multi format saving such as mp3 to midi format as well as high definition wav format (44.1k wav). Sonic Producer comes with a step by step instructional video guide to help you to start making beats right away. It also allows upload you fresh-made  beats directly to Facebook and a save and continue later option (“Save Online”).

See other features in the image below


Advantages of Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer has a number of advantages over other beat making software. The main advantages are listed below.

1. The software is reasonably priced at around 30-35$.

2. The software is flexible in a number of ways ranging from the formats it supports to the types of shortcuts it allows to be used.

3. Being exceptionally user friendly, Sonic Producer is very easy to learn and get used to.

4. The feature rich environment of Sonic Producer makes it possible for a beginner to get good results in beat making.

5. Comes with thousands of premastered drum samples and instruments.

Limitations of Sonic Producer

The world of beat making and mixing has reached great heights today. In order to fight the arena for the best beat making software, the Sonic Producer has certain issues which have room for some improvement.

1. The software required an active Internet connection for using it.

2. Commonly available on the net, it may not be unique software for professional beat making.

Conclusion: Sonic Producer has everything you need to make professional beats quick and easy without downloading and installing any software. Despite the fact that it’s an online software it has all the necessary features that any other beat maker software in the market possesses. If you need to access beat maker program and your beats online from any place (home, work, school, etc.) then Sonic Producer is the straightforward choice for you.…

Why DubTurbo

Discover How to Make PHAT Rap Beats Using Your PC/MAC Without Having to Spend Thousands Dollars on Expensive Studio Equipment, Software, and Education!

  • Wanna became a professional beat maker?
  • Wanna make rap beats using your computer?
  • Wanna start to make money by selling your beats?
  • Or do you need slammin’ beats for you or your band?

And there ya have it!

I’m going to show you how to start making your own professional quality beats in 15 minutes after reading this page and with absolutely no experience. Wanna know how? With the ultimate beat maker software called DUBturbo.

So What is DUBturbo?

DUBturbo is the ultimate all-in-one beat-making software with a handy and intuitive interface packed with thousands of high quality mastered sounds which allows you to make professional beats and tracks on the fly.  Sounds which comes with DUBturbo covers all popular genres such as R&B, Rap, Hip Hop (with all subgenres), Jungle, and House. Moreover you can easily combine these genres to add to your tracks some special flavour. And, finally, DUBturbo is ideal software for beginners because it gives you an understanding of the basics of music production including the structure and arrangement of your tracks.

With DUBturbo you get:

Fully functional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for only $39.95 (original price $199.99) compatible with PC and Mac
– Ability to produce full songs
– Easily import your own samples
– Import your vocals and instruments
– Use your keyboard as piano sampler and drum machine
– Export your tracks as high quality *.wav files, which is the professional worldwide standard for audio production


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DUBturbo combines all the best features from expensive DAW’s:

– A built-in drum machine allows you make beats on the fly using your keyboard as controller: imagine using your number pad keyboard as MPC pads! Record beats with triggers or simply DRAW them. And finally you have 40+ mastered drum kits which you can change on the fly.

– 16-track sequencer with mixing panel – Draw your bars, drag, copy, and edit them easily. Record your vocals or live instruments straight into the sequencer. Easily tweak the volume of each track on your mixing panel, solo, or mute any track. Edit the tempo of your track on the fly, and a lot more.

– 4 Octave Sampling Keyboard lets you simply DRAW melodies or play and record them with your keyboard (so you don’t need to spend your money on buying MIDI controllers). Here you have a vast variety of instruments like pianos, saxes, stabs, hiphop hits, quirks, bass, bells, etc.


Many people think that music production is expensive and complex, and requires specific equipment, software, and knowledge.

But with DUBturbo you don’t need that equipment, software and specific music-production knowledge; you just need your computer and your head:

You don’t need to buy expensive equipment – DUBturbo gives you ability to use your keyboard as a MIDI controller.

You don’t need to spend your money on expensive education – DUBturbo is easy to use software.

You don’t need to spend your money on expensive DAWs – DUBturbo’s price is cheap!

You don’t need to buy additional software – DUBturbo has everything you need to start producing your own rap beats.

You don’t need to mess with tons of expensive mixing and mastering tools – DUBturbo provides professionally mastered and stereo imaged samples so you always get wide, fat, and pumping sound.

DUBturbo is a program that always grows and you can easily download additional sounds to enhance its capabilities and keep your tracks modern and fresh.…